Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Online Tutoring Jobs

When considering an online math tutor job, do you have the desire to be self-employed or do you want to work for someone else? You can do either one, but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Being self-employed has many more advantages, in my opinion, but it may take longer to set up and become a viable income stream than a tutoring "job" working for someone else.

Here are the main differences: self-employed tutoring- you keep all of the money the student pays out. There are no fees or overhead to pay out to the agency. You decide your own hours, worked out with the schedule of each student. You can be picky and choosy with who you want to work with and who you don't. You decide the rules of the business, and you can make it as big or keep it as small as you like.

Online tutoring: If you want to know how to become a tutor with an online agency, then you need to search them out and see what they have to offer. Most often, there are no up-front fees to pay and they will help to find you clients through the agency's online network. You will have to take an entrance test to ensure that you are qualified to be a tutor, and you will likely have to supply credentials as well.

Some agencies come with all the software you need to do online tutoring, with you supplying your own computer and webcam. They will have any required interactive chat room software, etc. Some tutoring agencies provide a lot more resources to their tutors than other agencies do, so you really want to look around before deciding.

With online tutoring through an agency, you sometimes get to decide your rate of pay, and keep in mind that the agency will tack on some fees to that when charging the student. If you make your fee too low, then students will not think you are worth anything, and if you make your fees too high, and then the agency tacks on a fee on top of that, it may make it out of reach financially for some students.

It's best to look around and see what rates are being charged for the services you are offering.

Online math tutor jobs for agencies and working for yourself both have the potential to become a very good source of income if you research out the options and prepare yourself properly to get started. Good luck.

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